Galway Hotels

The new Galway Hotels Guide has just gone live. This Galway travel portal is has been around for years and has accomodated thousands of people. The New Galway hotel guide offers very useful information about all the areas in Galway City and County.  It provides lots of tips and useful information for anyone thinking of going to Galway.

The Cows Lane Fashion and Design Market

For anyone interested in fashion and shopping, a trip to the Cows Lane Fashion and Design Market is an absolute must. Located in the heart of Temple Bar, Dublin’s Cultural Quarter, this market sells a wide range of items, with an emphasis on modern and original design. The Cows Lane Fashion and Design Market takes place each Saturday from 10am to 5.30pm, both outdoors in Cows Lane and indoors in the Viking Centre.

Whether you’re hoping to buy one-of–a-kind jewellery, custom-made underwear, avant-garde clothing or original art prints the Cows Lane Fashion and Design Market has something for everyone.

Restaurants in Rathmines

Restaurants in Rathmines offer plenty of delights for food lovers in Dublin. The area has a large multicultural population, and this is wonderfully reflected in the many international restaurants throughout Rathmines. Home to European, Oriental, Middle Eastern, Indian and American restaurants, Rathmines offers some dining treasures, whatever your mood.

The area also boasts a youthful population, and there are numerous excellent budget restaurants. Vegetarians are certain to find plenty of hearty meals within this area.

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