Where can I vape?

This is one of the newest questions we have been asked recently. For anyone who does not know what “Vape” means, then we will inform you.

Vaping is the term giving to inhaling nicotine (sometimes without nicotine) in a vapourised form. This is done using an electronic device that contains a heating element to vaporise the e liquid. E cigarettes work on this principle, but nowadays, most vaping devices don’t resemble traditional cigarettes.

Throughout the world, there are all kinds of new legislations in place to either prevent people using vaping devices, usually in public places. The best advice is to ask wherever you are if you can vape or not! The vast majority of hotels in Dublin allow vaping in all public areas.

We spoke to a leading e juice manufacturer about vaping and this is what their CEO informed us about e liquids:

“e liquids are used in e cigarettes and vaping units.¬†They are made from some basic ingredients and flavourings, along with nicotine. They e liquid is then vaporized producing a vape that resemble smoke”. He went on to say;“They are not a direct threat to the general public, as there is no second hand smoke”.

Special thanks to e juice manufacturers, for the information for this article, we hotl visitors staying in Dublin Hotels will find it useful.

So if you are wondering “where can I vape”, maybe you should ask if you are staying in a Hotels in Dublin, usually it is fine but some may condemn you to a “smoking area”, posing a real threat to your health!

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